How to Slim-Down with the Best Diet for Hypothyroidism

Finding your personal best diet for Hypothyroidism can be a challenge. Find a diet that works and that you can stick to can while not depriving yourself can be daunting as well.   When you drive the diet train, you're more likely to commit for the long-haul. Let's explore a few options that will help you slim-down fast.

We'll pay particular attention to foods that should be eliminated after being diagnosed with Hypothyroidism. Also, we'll incorporate various nutrients that you need to support thyroid function.

Mediterranean Diet

With only seven basic guidelines, the Mediterranean Diet is a very simple program to follow. You won't have to deprive yourself of fat, worry about ratios of fat, carbs and protein or eat ridiculous amounts of protein.

The main caveat is breaking the steak-and-potatoes habit for card-carrying beef eaters.

Otherwise, you'll enjoy healthy fats like nuts, fish and avocados, along with whole-grain carbs, such as brown rice, tortillas and breads.

The fiber you need to promote weight loss with Hypothyroidism is abundant on the Mediterranean Plan. A typical dinner meal might consist of: green leafy salad with vinegar and olive oil, red pepper strips, chicken breast and sunflower seeds sprinkled on top.

Doctor's are recommending the Mediterranean Plan as the best diet for Hypothyroidism, since you feed the body what it expects for optimal health. Also, exercise is at the top of the Mediterranean food pyramid!

Vegan Lifestyle

Not to be confused with vegetarianism, where one can eat eggs, butter and milk, the vegan lifestyle eliminates all products derived from animals.

If you're a disciplined person, you will definitely lose weight eating vegan foods like nuts, legumes, whole grains, leafy greens and almond or rice milks. Vegans lean heavily on soy products as meat replacements, but soy may aggravate your Hypothyroidism. So be careful to incorporate protein from sources other than soy.

Even so, becoming vegan may be the best diet for Hypothyroidism, as every morsel you put into your mouth maximizes your daily nutrition. By eating well you may be able to reduce the amount of symptoms you experience being Hypothyroid

Here are a few suggestions for the beginner:

Peanut butter sandwiches on whole-grain bread

Green leafy salad with chickpeas

Black bean burgers

Lentil soup

Vegan chili

Hummus and pita chips

Oatmeal and fruit

Pasta and stir fry veggies

It takes a little effort to learn about proper food combining in order to make complete protein. Overall, the effort will be well spent as vegans are rarely overweight.

Organic Food

Organic food is raised without harmful herbicides, fungicides or pesticides and does not contain antibiotics. When you eat organic, you can be assured of safe, healthy food in its purest state.

When you are diagnosed with Hypothyroidism, fruits and vegetables are valuable for fiber, vitamins and minerals that you desperately need. Organic fruits and vegetables are nutrient dense.

Organic meat and by-products are produced from free-range animals that are hormone free and a higher quality of protein. Incorporating organic foods into your daily diet may cost a little more, but the long-term health benefits are worth it.

Eliminate the Negative

An important component of the best diet for Hypothyroidism is to eliminate foods that are harmful for your condition. Salty foods like chips should be eliminated. Processed foods containing a high sugar or salt content should be avoided.  Keep in mind that many processed foods also have added soy as a protein source so make such to read your labels.

Consider switching from sugary sodas to water or juices.

Be mindful that when fatigue hits, you'll gravitate to carbs seeking a quick energy fix. A handful of walnuts or pumpkin seeds would be a healthier choice!

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